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OpManager Enterprise Edition

The new OpManager Enterprise Edition is designed to scale the network monitoring and management needs of large enterprises. A sturdy Probe–Central architecture makes it possible to scale as and when an enterprise grows and expands, without compromising on the reliability. Using OpManager Enterprise Edition, you can manage multiple remote locations. It lets you distribute the polling engine by adding more probes for enterprise network monitoring. The central server is designed to provide the required network visibility across locations, easily scale, consolidate, and report network health over multiple remote probes.

The major highlights are:

  • Highly scalable engine that supports monitoring 50,000 interfaces or 5000 servers
  • High availability engine using hot-standby⁄ fail–over mechanism (will be available only in GA release)
  • A secure and robust communication between the central and the remote probe servers through XML over HTTPS⁄ HTTP connection
  • 100% data integrity, even when there is a connection loss between the central & probe servers using local database support
  • A centralized console to visualize performance hiccups across the complete IT infrastructure and also for a specific remote site
  • Reduced application maintenance cost with intelligent probe upgrades from the central server
  • Ability to scale the network monitoring needs as the company grows by switching a stand–alone instance of OpManager to a remote probe on–the–fly
  • No more feature catch–ups! Always in sync with the features, functions, and upgrades offered by OpManager standalone versions

How it works?

The probe server deployed at each site performs all the network–facing tasks such as discovery, mapping, and fault monitoring to report these back to the central server located at the Operating Center⁄ NOC⁄ Datacenter. Further, the remote probes can be deployed even behind proxy servers and firewalls, enabling the administrator to monitor even a wide, geographically distributed network.

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